Free e-Commerce School Store

We will build a unique e-store, customized to your school, that sells a wide range of merchandise with your school's logo with no minimums to buy. 
There is no cost for this web store. It is linked from your current web site and has the same "look and feel." 
Through this unique web store, we will sell identity apparel and other items directly to all of your students or staff. All items come imprinted or embroidered with your school's logo. 

We will handle all processing of orders and ship direct to the buyer. No hassles of maintaining an inventory or minimum orders.

Your school will receive 15% of every sale.


School Spirit Store program

If you prefer a traditional store over the virtual e-store option, your school buyer may still purchase supplies from us at a significant savings.

The Spirit Support School Store program will offer you a way to take the money parents are spending on school supplies and school spirit clothing and merchandise and put it to work for your school community.